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I’m Matteo Memmi, a Creative Designer with a solid background in Branding and Industrial Design. I had the awesome opportunity to co-found and be the CEO of Scaleno, where I got to collaborate with big names like Cattleya, Deloitte, Laura Biagiotti, Lipton, Musei Vaticani, and Valentino. That’s when I totally fell in love with the whole creative process of taking a product from sketchbook to store shelves.


Right now, I’m rocking it as part of Slamp’s Creative Team. Oh, and I also get to share my knowledge and passion for Industrial Design and Ecodesign by teaching at Istituto Pantheon and Accademia Italiana.


I’m the author of 8 patents, the winner of some awards and (so they say) a good cook. 😀

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Things we care about.

We've only got one planet available, so we need to make sure our work has as positive of an impact as possible.

  • Ecologic Responsability

  • Local Enhancement

  • User Enpowerment